Death On Ice: Ice Box For Dead Body In Bangalore

As we are about to discover the concept of an ice box for dead bodies, explore the chilling reality of death on ice in Bangalore. The dead body freezer box price in Bangalore has become an epic hot topic no matter whether it is related to the transportation of loved ones or the rising demand for preservation.

To unravel this unique aspect of death all you need to do is join them from their technical aspect to their impact on the funeral practice.

How the cold temperature of an ice box preserves a dead body

When it comes to preserving the dead body in an icebox, it works similarly to the things that we put in the fridge to keep them fresh. But here the main concept is to slow down all the natural processes of the body taking place after death.

When we are alive we have stuff like food which is broken down with the help of tiny living microbes that our body possesses. These tiny microbes do not stop working even after death. These microbes keep their work and break down the stuff, which we call decomposition. But the icebox we use for preserving the body is like a super cold fridge where the body gets very cold when put in that box.

Due to the cold temperature of the icebox, the microbial processes start to slow down. This is similar to telling the microbes to take some rest and not to work too quickly and fast. Due to the cold temperature in the icebox, the microbes are not able to perform their job as they used to do normally and quickly. This spares the people with more time to reach their final destination before the body starts to decompose.

Suppose you have some food that you wish to keep fresh. So to stop it from getting spoiled early, you put it inside the fridge. Similarly, when someone’s loved one passes away, putting them in the icebox will keep their body safe from the process of decomposition due to the microbial action that takes place very fast.

S to stop the microbes from performing their job of decomposition, the cold in the icebox acts as a pause button. This button allows people to take some more time to bid the final goodbye farewell and make the arrangements accordingly. This is a way of taking care and respecting the dead body even after the life has left it.


To wrap it up, when we hear about the icebox for dead body in Bangalore it might seem a bit unsettling but when it comes to preserving the dead body from start to end of their final rites, this icebox plays a very important and crucial role.

This process allows the families to take care of all the necessary arrangements. This also helps people a lot in addressing the problems related to the space in crematoriums.

Therefore when it comes to showing some dignity and respect for their loved ones and their souls, this icebox for dead bodies is one step forward with its hygienic features and efficiency.

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