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What are classic party games? Things you should know to make your kids birthday party special

Classic party games are always a hit at kids’ parties, but why not put a twist on them? Adding new elements to these games will keep the kids engaged and excited. For example, instead of playing regular pin the tail on the donkey, try playing pin the horn on the unicorn. Another classic game, musical chairs, can be updated by playing musical cushions instead. The demand for birthday party clown is increased over time. 

Use throw pillows or small bean bags instead of chairs to make the game more comfortable and fun. You can also add a theme to these games to make them more exciting. For example, if you’re having a pirate-themed party, you can play “walk the plank” instead of musical chairs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to classic party games with a twist. Get creative and have fun!

What to expect when you hire a clown?

When you hire a clown for your child’s birthday party, you can expect a lot of laughter and fun. A clown will typically arrive at the party dressed in a bright and colorful outfit with a painted face, and they will have lots of tricks up their sleeve to entertain the children. They may perform magic tricks, juggle, make balloon animals, or even do some silly dances to get the children laughing and engaged. 

Clowns are experts at engaging with children and can captivate their attention for hours on end. They will often include the birthday child in their performance and make them feel special and included on their big day. The best clown performers are those who are professional and experienced, and they know how to strike the right balance between silly and entertaining. 

They will also be able to tailor their performance to suit the age and interests of the children at the party, making sure that everyone has a great time. When you hire a clown for your child’s birthday party, you can expect a memorable and fun-filled event that your child will treasure for years to come.

You should always watch a performance before hiring clown entertainers?

One of the best ways to ensure that you are hiring the perfect birthday party clown for your child’s celebration is to watch a performance beforehand. This could be either in person or by watching a video of a previous performance. This way, you can see firsthand how the clown interacts with children, how they engage the audience, and how they deliver their performance. 

Watching a performance will also help you to determine if the clown’s humor and personality match your child’s preferences. This will ensure that the clown is a perfect fit for your child’s birthday party. Additionally, watching a performance can give you an idea of how long the clown’s performance should be, and what kind of activities and games they should include to keep the children entertained. Overall, watching a performance before hiring a birthday party clown is an essential step to ensure that you are getting the perfect clown for your child’s special day.

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