Stress management for kids and teens

In the short term, stress might motivate a teen to study when he’d rather be out with friends or urge a kid to practise for her piano recital. Long-term stress can raise blood pressure, compromise immunological function, and exacerbate conditions like obesity and heart disease. It can also result in mental health issues including depression and anxiety, which are becoming more prevalent in young people.

Kids and teens stress don’t always appear the same as stress in adults. But just like adults, kids and teenagers—even those who have had tragedies that have changed their lives—can learn appropriate coping mechanisms. 

Stress-causing factors for young children

 Young children often experience stress from conflict at home. Due to any issue like, family strife, divorce, or loss may cause children distress. Another typical concern for children is school. Small kids may experience stress regarding to finding friends, avoiding bullies, or getting along with their teachers. They could also feel pressure from tests and grades. 

Sources of stress in teens and young adults 

Children’s stressors increase as they get older. This age group is also experiencing an increase in mental health crises, with children ages 12 to 17 experiencing an increase in mental health-related emergency department visits compared to 2019.

Signs of stress in youth can show up:

  • Irritability and anger 
  • Change in behaviour 
  • Trouble in sleeping 
  • Neglecting responsibilities 
  • Eating habits changes 
  • Getting sick more often 

Stress management for kids and teens


When youngster’s experience  a disagreeable event, their body mechanically goes into what’s referred to as “flight, fight or freeze” mode. Their rate increases, their abdomen stops digestion, and their respiratory becomes additional shallow.

Taking deep breaths will help them get from “flight, fight or freeze” mode back to “rest and digest” mode. Deep breathing helps get more atomic number 8 into the blood and release the capillaries. it’s a physical result on their body to assist them settle down and lower stress.

Express yourself in a creative way 

When children are stressed, every now and then there’s a whole lot of pent up mind and feelings, and that they want to get it out. They can creatively explicit themselves. There is a ton of studies approximately the fine effect of artwork and track on assisting humans manipulate their feelings and decrease stress. Here are a few ideas:

  • Writing a book, or quick story, or photo novel
  • Composing track
  • Writing poems or raps
  • Dancing – both freestyle or making up choreography
  • Singing – songs or melodies you’ve heard and love, or make up your own
  • Painting – you could attempt unique mediums and canvases
  • Drawing, sketching, or doodling

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