How to Move Files from an Android Device to a Mac?

Android File Transfer was developed since it is common knowledge that Macbook users cannot access Android smartphone files natively. Although it functions properly through USB, it lacks the functionality of comparable apps. Acom Provide you a list of the simplest and most efficient techniques for moving files from an Android phone to a Computer.

Transferring files from Android to a Mac:

  • MacDroid • Android File Transfer
  • SyncMate • Google Drive • AirDrop

MacDroid: A Straightforward Way for Moving Data from Android to Mac

MacDroid is a straightforward and lightweight application that allows you to transfer files between your Android mobile and Mac computer. The software is available in both free and PRO versions. The key difference is that the PRO edition permits file transfers from Mac to Android.

This app’s best feature is the ability to see Android files directly in the Finder. Aside from that, you may manage any file type or size and transfer entire directories between devices. Enjoy the process by selecting one of the two available file transfer connection modes, MTP or ADB.

How to Use MacDroid for File Transfer:

With a single click, you may transfer files from Android to Mac. To transfer files, follow the instructions below:

  • Ensure that you have downloaded and installed MacDroid on your Mac before anything else.
  • You must now use a USB cable to connect your Android device to your PC.
  • Choose MTP mode and then select the phone you just connected.
  • A window will appear on your phone from which you must select the File transfer option.
  • To establish the proper connection, click “Mount.” You may transfer files between your Android device and Computer.

Android File Transfer enables the transfer of Android files to a Mac:

Android File Transfer is Google’s solution to Apple’s Android-related issues. The programme is straightforward and has long been a popular option. Even while it lacks the functionality and speed of MacDroid and the wireless synchronisation of SyncMate, it’s a viable alternative if you’re looking for a straightforward approach to transfer files. Follow the below instructions to use it to transfer files between Android and Mac.

Instructions for Using Android File Transfer:

  • The application must be downloaded and installed from their website first.
  • Double-click the AndroidFiletransfer.dmg file.
  • Then, drag Android File Transfer to the Applications folder.
  • Connect your Android handset to your Computer via a USB cable.
  • Start the AFT programme now. Tap the USB charging notification on your phone.
  • Wait for the Use USB pop-up, then choose File transfer. With the AFT application, you can swiftly transfer files from Mac to Android and vice versa.

App AirDroid – File Transmission from Android to Mac Wirelessly:

AirDroid is a system that allows you to transfer files from an Android phone to a Mac computer, as well as check messages and capture screenshots. You can also enable mirroring, which displays real-time notifications from your phone on your desktop.

The programme is also available as a standalone application, although you may control your phone using the AirDroid web interface. Also, the free version of AirDroid is limited to 200 MB of file transfers each month. You must acquire a membership to increase the capacity to 1 GB, which does not permit the transmission of an infinite number of files.

How to Make Use of AirDroid:

  • Download and install the AirDroid application from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Instead, you can view the website through a browser on your Mac.
  • Make a website account using your email address. Moreover, you can sign up using your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account.
  • You may now transfer files wirelessly from Android to Mac or vice versa.

Google Drive provides a simple method for sharing files between devices:

Google Drive is among the most popular file-sharing platforms. It is free, has a limited storage space, and instead of using USB to transfer files from Android to Mac, it uses the internet cloud. It has some benefits, particularly for transferring smaller files, but it is not optimal for transferring entire folders or larger files.

It’s not as excellent as SyncMate or MacDroid due to the fact that you upload and download rather than transfer files, but it gets the job done.

Transferring Files with Google Drive:

  • In the beginning, you must create an account. You will automatically have a Google Drive account if you use a Google product such as Google Mail.
  • To upload files to the cloud, launch Google Drive in your web browser and choose the upload option.
  • Download the files, regardless of whether you’re using a Mac or an Android smartphone, and you’ll be able to view Android files on your Mac.

Transferring Data Between Android and Mac Using SyncMate:

We recommend SyncMate as an alternative to MacDroid for transferring Android files to Mac. It is a useful tool for managing data between two devices, ensuring that any changes made on one are reflected on the other. It is remarkable that SyncMate can operate wirelessly. Once enabled, it will sync files automatically when they come within range.

Using SyncMate:

  • The first time you use SyncMate, you must connect the module via USB and install it.
  • Once the module has been installed, click it and choose the wireless synchronisation checkbox.
  • Verify that the IP address of your Mac is included in the list of trustworthy connections.


Now that you’ve adjusted the settings, you may automatically synchronise files through Wi-Fi between Android and Mac.

We hope that our post on moving files from Android to Mac was helpful. As you can see, there are a variety of methods for transferring files from Android to Mac, each with its own set of benefits. Choose the one that meets all of your requirements.

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