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Bangalore Name Change Requires These Ten Vital Documents

In the case of legally changing your name in Bangalore and elsewhere, the trail passes through numerous governmental offices and is filled with mountains of paperwork. Be it anybody’s marriage, divorce, some personal choices, or any other reasons, knowing the necessary documents to be presented is of utmost importance. This article orderly presents you the 10 required documents you’ll need for the process of name change in Bangalore, providing a step by step guide to people who wish to embark on this journey with the help of a name change services in Bengaluru.

1.       Affidavit for Name Change

Underpinning the entire name change procedure in Bangalore is the affidavit. It requires swearing before a Notary Public or a Magistrate that your given previous name, current proposed name, and the reasons for change are mentioned. Being a declaration of your desire to alter your name it is the most essential document in this entire process.

2.       Newspaper Publication

The requirement to advertise the name change in two local newspapers (one of them must be the official language and the other needs to be English) is mandatory. Your name, address, and email the latest name updates should be included. Retaining copies of these news items gives media evidence which is a major part of the documentary evidence.

3.       Government Gazette Notification

Then, after the Karnataka Government Gazette was published, you must have the name change of your company made known in the same Gazette. Locating the copy of the Gazette newspaper is indispensable since it is the proof in the form of a legal document of the new name you have.

4.       Birth Certificate

Identity proof, which would be through your birth certificate, is required before the name change is effected. In instances where the modifications to the birth certificate is required, the respective procedural follow-ups then come into effect.

5.       Address Proof

Being one of the requirements of address change procedure in Bangalore, submitting proof of your latest address is obligatory. This can consist of utility bill copies, a rental agreement and Aadhar card together, among others.

6.       Identity Proof

The authorities prefer to see a proper identity proof like PAN card, Voter ID, Aadhar card or the Driving License, supporting the old name at the time of changing the name.

7.       Educational Certificates

Education certificates are required since for maintaining records these certificates copies are submitted. It is surely this which is critical for many to get their qualifications changed so that they match their new name.

8.       Marriage Certificate (If Applicable)

For a name change that is a result of marriage, for the sake of unquestionable authenticity, a copy of the marriage certificate is demanded to be presented to support the name change in the case of marital names.

9.       Divorce Decree (If Applicable)

To individuals whose names become different after they divorce, a certified copy of their decree absolute must be used as evidence of the legal end of their marriage.

10.   Adoption Deed (If Applicable)

Relevant adoption papers are to be provided in instances where surname change follows adoption.


Renaming in Bangalore is a process that involves precision and the need to be mindful about all the records to be gathered. Ensure that you have all the paperwork in order, consisting of the affidavit, newspaper publications, and government notices as well as your personal identification and proof of any compelling circumstances causing the name change.

With these in your hand, the process will be less tedious. Besides, hiring an experienced name change service in Bengaluru can even help you have a more plain-sailing experience with the steps of changing your name and keep it on the right track and in line with all the legal forms. This holistic way of doing the rebranding is not only helpful for you to have a successful name change rather is as well an easy way of integrating your new identity across all legal and personal documents.

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