5 Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Top Shape During the Dubai Summer Season

Without a good air conditioning system in your car, the summer heat becomes unbearable. The older the vehicle, the more difficult it is for the air conditioner to perform optimally, which may result in an AC system breakdown. When your air conditioner malfunctions, you can contact a car repair service in Dubai or a car AC maintenance centre.

However, here are 5 tips to keep your air conditioner in top working order.

Parking in the Shade

If you can park in the shade, away from direct sunlight, it reduces the workload of the AC and thus provides better cooling inside when you begin your journey. When the vehicle is exposed to sunlight, the windows must be opened for a short time before starting the engine and embarking on your journey. Allow the hot air inside to escape before turning on the air conditioner.

Servicing regularly

Regular servicing will aid in the detection of leaks and low refrigerant levels, both of which can reduce the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. AC inspection and servicing should ideally be performed in the spring. A maintenance schedule aids in the optimization of the performance of the car A/C. Check that your vehicle has enough AC Gas in the system. The required amount of AC gas at the ideal pressure will assist the AC system is functioning properly during the summer.

AC Cabin filters should be checked or cleaned regularly. The AC filter removes impurities from the sucked-in air, allowing passengers to breathe fresh air inside the vehicle. If the air inside the vehicle has become stagnant, it is time to replace the air filter. A clogged air conditioner filter reduces the amount of cool air that exits the vents. This will eventually put additional strain on the AC system.

All of the AC fan blowers should be working properly to provide the best airflow into the system. A faulty blower motor can cause the AC system to fail.

Find a nearby AC car repair shop to keep your AC in good working order.

While the air conditioner is running, listen for unusual sounds that could indicate compressor trouble. This year, MetaMechanics, Dubai’s leading car repair service, offers three AC summer packages:

AC Service Offer:  

  • A/C gas top-up 
  • A/C filter cleaning 
  • 360-degree car inspection 
  • Free pick-up and drop-off (Same day Delivery)

AC Summer Package: 

  • A/C gas refill
  • A/C filter replacement 
  • A/C evaporator and condenser cleaning
  • 360-degree vehicle inspection 
  • Free pickup and delivery (Same day Delivery)

Summer Car Health Package: 

  • 360-Degree Health Check 
  • A/C Checkup
  • Performance testing 
  • computer scanning 
  • all fluids checked 
  • tyres checked 
  • free estimate 
  • free pick up and drop (Same day Delivery)

Tinted Windows

The use of tinted windows reduces heat intake inside the vehicle and thus the workload of the air conditioner. The rear and side windows can be tinted to the maximum legal limit.

Using the Recirculation Mode

The air conditioner has an electric fan that draws in air from outside and directs it to the evaporator. A high-pressure liquid coolant is injected into the evaporator, where it converts to gas and absorbs heat. The air is then blown through the A/C vent by the electric fan and into the car’s interior. Once enough air has been drawn in, it is preferable to switch the a/c to recirculation mode. This will prevent outside air from being absorbed. The recirculation air is already cool, which reduces the load on the A/C and improves its performance.

Use regularly

Regular use of an air conditioner ensures that the air vents and moving parts of the A/C work properly. Even if the car is not used frequently, it should be driven once a week for at least 15 minutes with the A/C on.

Contact MetaMechanics for the best car service in Dubai for regular maintenance, AC repair, and maintenance.

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